Dr Peter J Corr Chartered Clinical Psychologist
Dr Peter J CorrChartered Clinical Psychologist

Fees and Payment

All work undertaken will be fully costed in advance of the work being commenced. The quote provided will be an absolute quote for the work described and the costs will not exceed the quote offered for the work agreed, unless negotiated. 


In some cases a piece of work may require additional time or work to be undertaken. In these situations then this will be highlighted and costed for. Agreement from the fee payer will be required before the additional work is undertaken.


Fees vary with the work requested so individualised quotes are provided in all instances. Work commissioned by parents and carers is usually charged at a reduced rate. Special rates and payment arrangements can be agreed for those experiencing financial hardship.


Medico-legal work is undertaken in line with LSC costings.


Supervision is charged for at a flat rate of £80-£100 per hour depending upon the nature of supervision required.


For a personalised quote please contact me at: office@bridgepsychology.co.uk


As a guide:


  • Full cognitive assessment (IQ or equivalent for example, using WISC–V - 2 hours
  • Adaptive Skills assessment - 1.5 hours
  • Further cognitive or neuropsychological assessment - 1.5-3 hours
  • Scoring and interpretation of results - 2 hours
  • Report writing 2-4 hours


Costs for work are charged at an hourly rate with travel time also charged for at 50% of my hourly rate. VAT is not chargeable.


Full Terms and Conditions will be provided with the initial quote. Payment is expected to be made for each piece of work agreed to, even if multiple pieces of work are ultimately agreed to.


Where payment is late then interest may be added to the outstanding fees at a rate of 5% of the outstanding amount per day.


I accept payment by cheque, cash or bank transfer. I do not accept payment by credit or debit card.


Please contact me if you would like to recieve a quote or have any queries about fees and payment.

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