Dr Peter J Corr Chartered Clinical Psychologist
Dr Peter J CorrChartered Clinical Psychologist

Medico-legal / Expert Witness

I am available to provide expert assessment and opinion within Criminal, Family, Civil, Tribunal and other legal proceedings. I have worked as an expert witness in Family, Civil and Criminal cases, SEN-DIS Tribunal and Coroner's court. Specialist expert reports can be provided on the following:


  • Neuropsychological and Cognitive Functioning - including IQ assessment, neuro-psychological assessment and profiling, memory assessment, planning and problem solving
  • Diagnostic Assessments - including level of learning disability, neuro-developmental conditions, mental health assessment
  • Functional and Adaptive skills - including social skills, self care, managing social interactions
  • Capacity assessment - including treatment decisions, for place of residence, for college and employment
  • Capacity relating to court - fitness to plead, fitness to instruct a solicitor, fitness to manage the court environment
  • Full Generic Psychological Assessments - incorporating some or all of the above including level of cognitive functioning, mental health state, relational and attachment issues, adpative skills levels


Assessments can be undertaken as pre-proceedings or to support ongoing or planned proceedings in court environments.


Please see: CONSULTANCY for further details about work that can be undertaken with schools, residential and other settings

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