Dr Peter J Corr Chartered Clinical Psychologist
Dr Peter J CorrChartered Clinical Psychologist

Diagnostic Assessments

I am able to undertake robust, thorough and highly specialised assessments for AUTISM, ASPERGER'S SYNDROME, ADHD, LEARNING DISABILITY and other developmental conditions in line with ICD-10 diagnostic criteria where applicable.


All assessments are undertaken as agreed and will usually involve gathering information from parents and carers, the young person's teacher / SENCO and from direct assessment work with the young person.


Specialist clinical assessments are used where appropriate (e.g. ADOS assessment for autism; IQ assessments).


A full and comprehensive report is provided at the completion of the assessment. This is then yours to use as you see fit. Reports can be copied to GP's schools and others.


The length of work will vary depending upon the nature of the assessment but all work is agreed in advance so that you are aware of the assessment process and how much it will cost.


Please contact me for further details about my fees. Terms and conditions for fees and payment are outlined in the FEES section of this website.


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